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Origin: Talisman х Neptun (133-09)

Economic characteristic:

Grape variety early-medium ripening. The beginning of coloring of berries in the Kyiv region begins on July 20-25, the beginning of ripening on August 20, full maturity on September 1-5. The flower is bisexual.

Clusters are large, medium-dense 600 - 1200 grams, individual up to 1.5-2.0 kg. The berries are medium, single-caliber 6 - 8 grams, rounded, black with a strong spring. The pulp is dense, crunchy, the taste is harmonious. When fully ripe, the berries have an original fruit flavor.

Seeds are medium, 1-2 pieces per berry. I years are not bursting or damaged by wasps. The grape variety is well stored for two months.

The strength of the growth of the grape variety is very large, the yield is high, the fruitfulness is 2-3 bunches per shoot. The total yield of grapes from an adult bush is approximately 35 kg. The variety is prone to crop overload, so thoughtful normalization is needed. When overloaded, the grapes pull out the entire crop, but the ripening period is shifted.

The ripening of the vine is early, long before the ripening of the berries. Increased disease resistance. Susceptibility to mildew is about 2-2.5, to oidium 2.5-3.0. Frost resistance - 25 gr.s.

The stalk-forming ability is weak. Shoots erect, powerful. Pruning of fruit vines is average, for 6 - 8 buds, short pruning for 3-4 buds is possible. The variety is well preserved on the bush for two months, without damage and cracking, while gaining sugar up to 25%. Transportability is very good.

The grape variety is tested both on the seedling and on the graft. I can’t give recommendations on rootstocks, I haven’t checked. Rooting is excellent.

Ampelographic description:

The crown of the young shoot is open, white-pink in color with bronze leaf edges. The first young leaves are bronze-green, have a medium cobweb pubescence and a bronze tint. The flower is bisexual.


The leaf is large, rounded or pentagonal, five-lobed, medium or strongly dissected, green. The pubescence is medium, felt. The petiolate notch is open, without overlap, V-shaped. The one-year-old mature shoot is light brown with dark nodes. The surface is smooth, without pubescence.


The cluster is large, elegant, conical, of medium density. The cluster often has one or two wings. Berry - large, rounded, black, with a strong spring. The pulp is dense, medium-juicy, crispy. The taste is simple and harmonious. Sugar is high.



Calculation formula for the genotype of the grape variety Smakotunya (Smakota):

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