Cyborg DAP (Cyborg)

Cyborg DAP (Cyborg): Gift to Zaporozhye x Winter-hardy black Kishmish, (311-11) - a hybrid form of early or early-middle ripening grapes. Ripening begins on August 10-15. Full ripening in the conditions of the Kiev region occurs on August 20-25. The flower is bisexual. There is no peeling of berries.

The bunches are loose. The berries are large, oval or ovoid, red or reddish-purple, weighing 8-10 grams. The pulp is firm and crispy. The taste of berries is harmonious. Sugar is high, 22-25%. The berries are well preserved on the bush without damage and with the preservation of consumer characteristics for more than two months. A bunch weighing 0.8 - 1.2 kg.

The growth force of the hybrid form of grapes is high, the fruitfulness is 2 clusters per shoot. Early ripening of the vine. Disease resistance is increased, at the level of 2.5 - 3.0 points. Three treatments for diseases and pests are enough.

Frost resistance -28, -29 gr. When the cuttings were frozen in the freezer (24 hours) at a maximum temperature of 28 ° C, the safety of the eyes was 100%. When freezing at - 30 g. With the safety of eyes - 8%. This is the best frost-hardy dessert seedling in this hybrid combination.

The shape of Cyborgam DAP grapes has a very attractive appearance and a pleasant harmonious taste. The form is dedicated to the defenders of the Donetsk airport.

A hybrid form of grapes selected for the elite in 2020.

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