Leonid fon

Leonid: Independence x Krasen, (36-19) - a hybrid form of grapes of early or early-middle maturity. Ripening grapes in the Kiev region occurs in late August - early September. The flower is bisexual. Peas are practically non-existent.

Berries are large, oval, red-black or black, with a thick spring, weighing 6-8 grams. The pulp is dense, crispy. The taste of berries is harmonious. The shape of the grapes has high taste. Sugar content of about 18-20%, little acid.

Bunch weighing 500 - 800 grams. & Nbsp; Loose bunches. & Nbsp; & nbsp; The growth force of the hybrid form of grapes is high, the fertility of 2 bunches per shoot. Yields are high. Early maturation of the vine.

Resistance to disease is increased, at the level of 2.5 - 3.0 points on the susceptibility scale. With three treatments without signs of disease until the fall. Frost resistance is studied, approximately -26 gr.c.

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