Bereginya early

Bereginya early: Gift to Zaporozhye x Augustine, (51-09) - a new hybrid form of grapes of a very early or early ripening period. The description is based on the results of five fruiting per seedling. Ripening in the conditions of the Kiev region occurs at the beginning of August. The flower is bisexual. There is no peeling of berries.

The bunches are loose, weighing 800 - 1200 grams. The berries are large, oval or ovoid, light yellow or yellow, weighing 8-12 grams. The pulp is firm, crispy, medium seeds, 3-4 pcs. The skin of the berry is not tough like Augustine's. The taste of berries is harmonious, they have a good balance of sugar and acid, reminiscent of the taste of Augustine berries. Sugar is high (22-23%).

The growth force of the hybrid form of grapes is very high, the yield is high, the fruitfulness is 1-2 bunches per shoot. The vine ripens early, long before the berries ripen. The vine has characteristic points like Augustine's. Disease resistance is increased, at the level of 2.5 - 3.0 points on the susceptibility scale.

Frost resistance about - 24 gr. Form promising, like very early grapes. Perhaps it will be a worthy replacement for Augustine.The form was selected to the elite for further testing and reproduction in 2015.

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