Evgeniya (Talisman x Kishmish winter-hardy black Potapenko, 296-11) - a hybrid form of grapes of a very early or early ripening period.Ripening in the conditions of the Kiev region occurs at the beginning of August. The flower is bisexual. No peas.

The bunches are large, loose, weighing 350-600 grams. The berries are large, oval, dark blue or black, with a dense prune bloom, weighing 8-12 grams. The pulp is firm and crispy. The taste of berries is harmonious, high sugar, when fully ripe, they have a taste of prunes.

The growth force of the hybrid form of grapes is average, the fruitfulness is 1-2 clusters per shoot. Early ripening of the vine. & Nbsp; Disease resistance is increased, at the level of 2.5 - 3.0 points on the susceptibility scale. With three treatments without signs of disease until autumn.

Estimated frost resistance is about -27, -28 degrees c. It is necessary to check. One of the best seedlings in this hybrid combination in terms of taste. The form was selected to the elite for further testing and reproduction in 2014.

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