Memory of Heavenly Hundreds

Memory of Heavenly Hundreds: Gift to Zaporizhzhia x Neptune, (176-11) - a new grape variety of a very early or early ripening period. Maturation in the conditions of the Kiev region occurs at the beginning of August. Consumer maturity occurs around August 10-15.

The flower is a functional female type. The variety is very well pollinated, peas in a bunch are not significant. All berries are practically the same size. Berries are large, oval or ovoid, black or dark blue, with a thick prune bloom, weighing 10 - 16 grams. The pulp is dense, crispy, the pulp is not colored. When overripe, the anthocyanin coloration of the flesh inside the berry near the skin is not strong. Seeds are medium, 2-3 pcs. The weight of one seed is 0.05 grams.

Berries have a harmonious taste, have a good balance of sugar and acid. Sugar content of berry juice is 22-26%. Coloring of berries in a bunch is uniform, occurs quickly, within two weeks. Bunches of dense or medium density, weighing 600 - 1200 grams.

The growth force of the grape variety is very high, the yield is very high, the fruitfulness is 2-3 clusters per shoot. The variety is prone to crop overload, so a thoughtful normalization is needed. When overloaded, the grape bush draws out the entire harvest, but the ripening period shifts to the end of August. The vine ripens early, long before the berries ripen.

Increased disease resistance; susceptibility to mildew is about 2.5 - 3.0 points, to powdery mildew 3.0 - 3.5 points on the scale of susceptibility. With three preventive treatments with systemic drugs, there are no diseases until the end of the season. Frost resistance - 24 gr.s, increased winter hardiness.

The grape variety is tested, both on seedling and grafting. It is easily grafted, the fusion is good. I cannot give recommendations on the rootstocks, I have not checked them. Roots very well, root-forming ability is high.

The grape variety is resistant to cracking. After three months of drought and a three-day rainstorm on September 3-6, 2015, not a single berry burst. The grape variety stays very well on the bush after ripening for two months. At the same time, the pulp remains firm, crispy, very sweet. Gains up to 26% sugar. The taste is just wonderful.

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Cup and diploma in the category "Resistant variety 2019" for a grape variety of my selection in Memory of the Heavenly Hundred.

Grape variety in the Memory of the Heavenly Hundred entered en in the Register of plant varieties suitable for distribution in Ukraine from 16.12.2021. Certificate of authorship №211096, патент № 211067.




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