Marisha (Gift to Zaporozhye x Winter-hardy Kishmish, 203-11): A hybrid form of grapes of the middle ripening period. The beginning of ripening in the Kiev region on September 10-15, full maturity on September 25-30.

The hybrid form has a female type flower and is very well pollinated. The bunches are large and very large, weighing 500 - 1200 grams.

The berries are large, 8 - 10 grams, individual up to 12 grams. The berries are ovoid, single-gauge, black or dark blue, with a thick prune bloom.

The pulp is firm, crispy, with high sugar (18-20%). Low acidity. The taste of berries is harmonious. Seeds are not large, 2-3 pieces per berry. Fruitfulness - 2-3 clusters per shoot. The yield is very high, normalization is necessary.

The growth force of the shoots is very high. Early ripening of the vine, for the entire length of the shoot. Disease resistance is increased, approximately 3-3.5 on the susceptibility scale.

Frost resistance - 28 gr. When the cuttings were frozen for 24 hours at a maximum temperature of 28 ° C, the safety of the eyes was 60%.

Keeps very well on the bush after ripening. Stored in a barn until the New Year without damage. The form was selected to the elite in 2017. Working title is Marisha.

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