Kuzma (In memory of Andrey Kuzmenko)

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Kuzma (Gift to Zaporozhye x Winter-hardy Kishmish, 31-11): A hybrid form of grapes of the middle ripening period. The beginning of ripening in the Kiev region: September 15-20, full maturity September 25-30.

The hybrid form has The flower is functional - feminine. The bunches are large and very large, weighing 700 - 1200 grams. The berries are large, 16 - 18 grams, individual up to 25 grams. The berries are oval, white or yellow-green.

The pulp is firm, crispy, with high sugar (18-20%). The taste is harmonious. When fully ripe, the berries have a slight astringency, which only adds piquancy to the taste. Fruitfulness - 2 clusters per shoot.

The growth force of the shoots is great. Early ripening of the vine, for the entire length of the shoot. Disease resistance is increased. Approximately 2.5-3.0 on the susceptibility scale. Frost resistance according to the parental couple is about - 27, - 28 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to check.

Working title Kuzma. The shape of the grapes is dedicated to the blessed memory of Andrey Kuzmenko.

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