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(Pleven x Villars blanc). Synonyms: V 25/20. Pleven is stable, Phenomenon.

Author: Institute of Viticulture (Pleven, Bulgaria).

Augustine is a table grape of early or early-medium ripening. The flower is bisexual. Pollination is always excellent. Bunches are conical, medium density, weighing 400-800 grams. Very rarely, a bunch can be up to 1-1.2 kg.

The strength of growth is great and very great. Very often drives fattening vines, with a bifurcation of the shoot. Underloading a bush with shoots is just as bad for the formation of a bush as overloading.

The berry is oval, 28x22 mm in size and weighing 6-8 grams, harmonious taste, crispy, yellow-green, yellow when fully ripe. The grape variety has a high yield of 120-140 kg / ha. Requires a lot of space on the trellis. Indicators of marketability and transportability are very high.

Unpretentious in cultivation and care. The vine ripens well and early. A ripe vine of a beautiful bright yellow or even orange color with characteristic dots. The pruning is medium (5-6) eyes or short (3-4). The vine has a large core, which is bad for overwintering grapes.

Prone to overload with shoots and crops. Then powdery mildew damage and poor vine ripening are possible. As a result, the berries are cracking. Fortunately, this is rare.

Cuttings take root well, the seedlings are vigorous and early bear fruit. Resistance to fungal diseases is increased. Susceptibility to mildew 2-2.5 points, to powdery mildew 2.5-3.0 points, gray rot is rarely affected. Frost resistance about - 24 gr.

The harvest for a long time (2-3 weeks) can be stored on the bushes. The most common grape variety in industrial plantings and home gardens.


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