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Memory of Heavenly Hundred (Heavenly Hundred)

Origin: Gift to Zaporozhye x Neptune(176-11)

Economic characteristics:

Grape variety very early or early ripening. Maturation in the Kyiv region of Ukraine occurs in early August. Functionally female flower. The form is very well pollinated, there are almost no peas in the bunch. All berries are almost the same size. Berries are large, oval or ovoid, black or dark blue, with a thick prune plaque, weighing 12 - 16 grams.

The pulp is dense, crispy, unpainted. Seeds are average, 2-3 pieces in a berry. The taste of berries is harmonious, has a good balance of sugar and acid, sugar content of berry juice 21 - 26%. When fully ripe, the taste of berries resembles the taste of ripe Moldova. Coloring of berries in a bunch is complete and uniform, occurs quickly, within two weeks. Bunches of medium density or loose, weighing 600 - 1200 grams.

The strength of growth of grapes is very high, high yields, fertility of 2-3 bunches per shoot. Grapes are prone to crop overload, so you need thoughtful rationing. When overloaded, the grapes reap the entire harvest, but the ripening period is shifted. The ripening of the vine is early, long before the berries ripen.

Resistance to diseases is increased: susceptibility to mildew about 2.5 - 3.0 points, to powdery mildew 3.0 - 3.5 points. At three preventive treatments with systemic drugs there are no diseases until the end of the season. Frost resistance is studied, approximately - 24 gr.S.

Stepdaughter-forming ability is average. Shoots erect, powerful. Pruning of fruit vines is average, 6 - 8 buds. The form is well preserved on the bush for two months, without damage and cracking, while gaining sugar up to 26%. Transportability is very good. The shape of the grapes is tested, both on seedlings and on the rootstock. I can't give recommendations for the rootstock, I didn't check. Rooting is excellent.

Ampelographic description:

The top of the young shoot is open, white-pink with red edges of the leaf. The first young leaves are white-green, has a strong arachnoid pubescence and a bronze hue.


Leaf - large, rounded or pentagonal, pentagonal, medium-dissected, dark green. Pubescence medium, felt. Petiolate notch closed, without strong overlap, V - shaped. One-year-old mature brown shoot with dark knots. The surface is smooth, without pubescence.


Bunch - large, elegant, medium density. The cluster often has one or two wings.


Berry - large and very large, oval or ovoid, black, with a strong spring. The pulp is dense, medium-juicy. The taste is simple, harmonious. Sugar is high.


Estimated formula for the genotype of the shape of the grapes in memory of the Heavenly Hundred:

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