Gift to Zaporizhzhia

[Kesha-1 x (V-70-90 + R-65)] Synonyms: FVC-3-3, Kesha oval. Author: OV "Grape Elita", Klyuchikov EA, Ukraine.

A gift to Zaporozhye is a table form of grapes. Ripening period - medium or medium-late. Vigorous grape shape. The flower is functionally female, but pollinates very well even in unfavorable years for flowering. The berry peat is insignificant. Productivity is high. & Nbsp; Bunches are large 600-900 g, conical or cylindrical-conical, from loose to medium-loose.

Berries are large 33x25 mm, (average weight 10-12 g), oval, green or green-white, fleshy and juicy, the taste is simple, harmonious. The berries are aligned in bunches - they have a marketable appearance, but on black soil, even when fully ripe, they remain green.

The sugar content of the juice is not large, 14-16%, the acidity is increased and lasts until full ripening. Berries, when fully ripe in the sun, have caulking.

The shape of the grape Gift to Zaporozhye has an increased resistance to fungal diseases. Susceptibility to mildew and powdery mildew at the level of 2.5-3 points. The vine ripens early and well. The cuttings root very well. The shape of the grapes keeps well in a cool place for up to two months. Frost resistance about - 24 gr.

Gift to Zaporizhzhia

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